Breeding for Better Gardens

With love, we would like to introduce our special assortment of perennial plants.
We develop new improved plant varieties. Totally new plants for better gardens, which contributes to a better and more beautiful world. Real improvements and new technologies give us the possibility to innovate and to create a better business together in harmony with nature.  




We are working on different plant variaties to get the best genetics in our cultivars. The breeding proces takes 7 years from plan to market introduction. We select on flower color, height, floriferousness, time of flowering, health, etc to get the best plants for our growers and their consumers!

Tissue culture

To multiply large numbers of our plants in a short space of time we are working together with several tissue culture labs. They produce for us thousands of clean, virus-free plants. We provide you the best quality and starting material you can get. We also have the knowledge how to grow them like superstars. Please ask us for tips and advice.  

Plant introduction & support

Have you got a new plant?
AB-Cultivars holds complete understanding and experience in market new varieties and their protection. We might be an ideal partner to help you to introduce your new plant to the world.
Please contact us without any obligations.

Breeding for Better Gardens